Jewelry in Gift



Thread, Kanni, Mala, Kalan, Pottamarai


As much as the sangam people used clothes to cover the body, they also used ornaments. Kalan, which generally means thread, has been studied at various places in sangam literature. It is clear that the ornament of thread and kalan was given. Kalan is a generic name meaning an ornament. Sangam hymns say that the recipients received an ornament called Kalan, which means ornament. Kanni is a necklace that represents a flower garland. The nighters of the sangam period also received Kanni and garland. Although there is no evidence to suggest what kind of flower these garlands are, they may be golden garlands. Most of the recipients of the garlands were female artistes, viraliyas. One of the naturally occurring gemstone ornaments is the gold lotus. The patrons of the sangam period gave potamarai only to patini, a female ballet dancer.


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