Innovation and Openness to Challenges by Women Workers - Presenting works by Andal Priyadarshini


  • Vanitha S Assistant professor, Department of Tamil, D. G. Government Arts College for Women, Mayiladuthurai, India


Crematorium, Vettian, Cleaning, Teaching, Charity, Family Woman, Working Women, Self Employed, Italian Shop, Volunteering, Maids


Human society is classified as male and female by birth and by physical division. But when approached with unbiased humanity, both are subsumed within the same 'humanity'. But in the developing civilized world, women are still underpaid in terms of wages, even though both work at different levels. Andal Priyadarshini has successfully expressed in her works that some tasks are labeled as men's and that women can do them too. He has created seventeen novelties ranging from Talattu, which has escaped the rhythm, to Let the sun rise. He has published eight collections of short stories, six collections of essays and more than ten collections of poetry. This article aims to reveal in which new industries he has created women workers in his works and what are their challenges.


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