Rational thinking in Kalaignar’s Kuralloviyam


  • Markandan M Assistant Professor, Vels University, Chennai, India


Kural in Karunanidhi's view, Kuraloviyam published magazines, Context of Kuraloviyam, Reasoning about God, Reasoning in poor birth thinking


Thirukkural is the foundation of world creation. The life style of Thirukkurulai tends to be aligned with the contemporary lifestyle of the artist. Karunanidhi translated the philosophy of Thirukkural into poetic language. The purpose of Kuraloviya may be to analyze the ideology expressed by Thirukkural from a rational point of view. The artist visualized the ideology of Thirukkural. Kuraloviyam is the evolution of the simple form that Thirukkuralai brings to the people. Kuraloviyam, presenting the concept at the gate of imagination, questions the existence of God through reason. If learned education will help you in the next birth, then what is the need to learn in the next birth? That logically asks the question. The Kurallovianm artist makes a rational argument that it is an exaggeration to convey the need for education.


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