Nature and Man in Vauvaal Desam Novel


  • Iraivani M Assistant Professor, Tamil Research Centre, Lady Doak College, Madurai, India


The resource of Tamiraparani river, Bounty Rain, Guardian Goddess Kanmaai, Soil Protecting Roots, Self Reliance Lifestyle, Self Sufficient Society, Part of Nature People, Living Philosophy, Children of the Forest, Sons of the Earth


The people of Tamil Nadu live in harmony with nature. But in the change of time, people forget nature and grow artificially and live without realizing the destruction of nature. Therefore, Sahitya Akademi awardee Cho. Dharman, who realized that it is the imperative of time to take up the relationship between man and nature, has recorded the relationship between nature and man very well in his fifth novel, Vauvaal Desam. This novel has been created focusing on the events that took place in the 1800s. Wales Durai, serving as a major in the British Queen Elizabeth's army, gets promoted by killing Kattabomman, Umaithurai and Maruthu brothers on the Queen's orders. The task given to him is to know and provide information about the lifestyles of the people living on the banks of the Tamiraparani river. In order to do that, he learns the Tamil language and learns about the natural life of the people. This novel records the coexistence of nature and man in Durai's view.


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